Edgy and Veggie

Hi ! I'm back! With a new title and a new surge of motivation I love writing but have found myself falling down that slippery slope of 'what should I write about?' which has led me to realise that I am thinking so much about what to write, that i'm not writing at all .. … Continue reading Edgy and Veggie


In June I got to visit my best best best friend in her home country of Slovakia.. finally! Anna and I met at work in 2013 and bonded over tumblr quotes almost immediately, she had come to England for university and ended up staying for around 8 years until recently moving home to save money … Continue reading Slovakia

Travelling solo

I gritted my teeth and wiggled my toes in utter anticipation for the entire journey to Heathrow airport. Hoiking my bag out of the boot, my dad, grinning from ear to ear "You're going to love it, stay safe and phone me as soon as you land!" One big squeeze and off I stroll, dakine … Continue reading Travelling solo

Definition of home

What is a home? Is it like dictionary.com suggests.. 'the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or a household'? and if so, why is it that I feel more at home anywhere but? For the past 4 years I have been bopping from place to place like an air … Continue reading Definition of home

Veggie in Reykjavik

So, as you might have seen in my last post, I spent my 23rd birthday in Iceland! If not.. you can view my photo diary here. One of the main things that people had mentioned to me before I embarked on my journey was how heavily meat/sea food based an Icelandic diet is and that … Continue reading Veggie in Reykjavik

Iceland in March: A photo diary

THE LAND OF FIRE AND ICE. In March this year, my mum, sister and I finally visited Iceland.. we had been pining after the Blue Lagoon for quite some time. Our trip was booked with TUI via Hays Travel and included the perfect balance between exploring and down time. Iceland is one of those places … Continue reading Iceland in March: A photo diary

Life as a seasonaire

As some of you may know, I worked a season in Greece a couple of years back. I say a season as if I stayed for the entirety.. not quite the case. I had wanted to do a season for a while after spending an excessive amount of time googling 'ways to earn money whilst … Continue reading Life as a seasonaire