Veganism – My story

In the theme of Veganuary, I thought it would be the perfect time to touch on the subject myself. I have been vegan/plant based for 3 years now and had a vegetarian diet for a year prior to that. For anyone that isn't fully aware of what Veganism is, here is a little definition for you. … Continue reading Veganism – My story

Veggie in Reykjavik

So, as you might have seen in my last post, I spent my 23rd birthday in Iceland! If not.. you can view my photo diary here. One of the main things that people had mentioned to me before I embarked on my journey was how heavily meat/sea food based an Icelandic diet is and that … Continue reading Veggie in Reykjavik

Iceland in March: A photo diary

THE LAND OF FIRE AND ICE. In March this year, my mum, sister and I finally visited Iceland.. we had been pining after the Blue Lagoon for quite some time. Our trip was booked with TUI via Hays Travel and included the perfect balance between exploring and down time. Iceland is one of those places … Continue reading Iceland in March: A photo diary

What I eat in a day (quick, easy + vegan)

As a keen foodie, I love love love nosing through others' food diaries for inspiration and always have about 12 tabs of recipes open on my laptop. The key words I tend to google are 'quick, easy and vegan' because I work full time and believe that eating a delicious, nutritious diet doesn't have to … Continue reading What I eat in a day (quick, easy + vegan)

Cafe Thrive – Southampton

Since my best friend moved away in December I have been living in some sort of parallel universe that constitutes a significant lack of coffee dates and brunches.. I know, I know. It's emotional. Luckily, my dad, brother and I had arranged to go out for lunch yesterday and I managed to rope them into … Continue reading Cafe Thrive – Southampton

Life as a seasonaire

As some of you may know, I worked a season in Greece a couple of years back. I say a season as if I stayed for the entirety.. not quite the case. I had wanted to do a season for a while after spending an excessive amount of time googling 'ways to earn money whilst … Continue reading Life as a seasonaire

2017 – Highlight Reel

2017 has been a little beauty of a year. This has been the year I moved back home, planned to go back to college and then definitely did not do that, got a new job, fell back in love with my first love, came to the wholehearted decision that my purpose is to travel and … Continue reading 2017 – Highlight Reel