Edgy and Veggie

Hi ! I'm back! With a new title and a new surge of motivation I love writing but have found myself falling down that slippery slope of 'what should I write about?' which has led me to realise that I am thinking so much about what to write, that i'm not writing at all .. … Continue reading Edgy and Veggie

Travelling solo

I gritted my teeth and wiggled my toes in utter anticipation for the entire journey to Heathrow airport. Hoiking my bag out of the boot, my dad, grinning from ear to ear "You're going to love it, stay safe and phone me as soon as you land!" One big squeeze and off I stroll, dakine … Continue reading Travelling solo

Definition of home

What is a home? Is it like dictionary.com suggests.. 'the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or a household'? and if so, why is it that I feel more at home anywhere but? For the past 4 years I have been bopping from place to place like an air … Continue reading Definition of home


As someone that changes their mind more often than their underwear, lives life mostly on a whim and defines spontaneity as more of a religion - I can tell you that it definitely helps having money in the bank. It is essentially the only way to support such a lifestyle and it has taken me … Continue reading SAVING MONEY: TIPS AND TRICKS

2017 – Highlight Reel

2017 has been a little beauty of a year. This has been the year I moved back home, planned to go back to college and then definitely did not do that, got a new job, fell back in love with my first love, came to the wholehearted decision that my purpose is to travel and … Continue reading 2017 – Highlight Reel