Having a vegan to dinner

I know what you're thinking.. a vegan.. round my house?! for dinner.. the shock, the horror.  Well, that's usually the jist of it when it comes to my friends and family anyway. Oh how they love to joke about what an inconvenience I am until they realise how easy it is! So, I am here … Continue reading Having a vegan to dinner

Need Street Food

Need Street Food is a new and exciting eatery that serves from The Merchant House craft ale tavern in Southsea. In just a short couple of years they have gone from serving gourmet hot dogs at events, markets and festivals to residing at The Merchant House with an ever-growing menu. I came across them as … Continue reading Need Street Food

Veggie in Reykjavik

So, as you might have seen in my last post, I spent my 23rd birthday in Iceland! If not.. you can view my photo diary here. One of the main things that people had mentioned to me before I embarked on my journey was how heavily meat/sea food based an Icelandic diet is and that … Continue reading Veggie in Reykjavik

What I eat in a day (quick, easy + vegan)

As a keen foodie, I love love love nosing through others' food diaries for inspiration and always have about 12 tabs of recipes open on my laptop. The key words I tend to google are 'quick, easy and vegan' because I work full time and believe that eating a delicious, nutritious diet doesn't have to … Continue reading What I eat in a day (quick, easy + vegan)