Having a vegan to dinner

I know what you’re thinking.. a vegan.. round my house?! for dinner.. the shock, the horror. 

Well, that’s usually the jist of it when it comes to my friends and family anyway. Oh how they love to joke about what an inconvenience I am until they realise how easy it is!

So, I am here to help you. Your saviour if you will … with a list of quick and easy meals that you can make for a vegan using what is most likely readily available from your kitchen.


Image credit – Instagram: hannahveg

I know, what an absolute classic and takes about 3 minutes to make. If you don’t have any butter it’s not the end of the world as beans are all juicy and delish BUT all Flora products are now vegan meaning that if you have some in the fridge you are onto a winner. (also available in most shops whether it’s an express or a superstore). Extras: A couple of hash browns on the side wouldn’t go down a miss 



Image credit – Instagram: blasianvegan

For a more substantial bean based meal pop a jacket potato in the oven until crisppp. Top with beans and add a little side salad because health is wealth don’tcha know.


Image credit – Instagram: vegangap


YAY FOR CARBS. Pasta is perfect for whipping up in no time, most shop bought tomato-ey pasta sauces and dry pasta are vegan friendly (be sure to double check the label) or it’s super easy to make your own! Just blend up some chopped tomatoes with a little veg stock, basil, garlic and whatever seasoning you may fancy. You could go for something plain but full of flavour such as penne arrabiata or throw in a load of veg and make a kind of vegetable bolognese. Extras: Most supermarkets own brand frozen garlic bread is vegan (you know the 30p ones – ideal) again, just double check the label


Curry is another one that most tomato based sauces are vegan friendly but it’s just as easy to make your own using a combination of chopped tomatoes, vegetable stock, vegetable oil and spices. Definitely one of those that you could just rummage through your kitchen and pop in whatever vegetables you can find. My stepdad makes the best chickpea curry and just throws in things like green beans, onion, potatoes and peppers. Serve with some basmati rice and voila. Extras: Little sides like poppadoms, lettuce + cucumber salad, mango chutney and the frozen indian selection boxes of onion bhajis, veg samosas etc. are usually vegan


Image credit – Instagram: veganshite

People seem to get confused with this one. A roast dinner with no meat??? But trustttt me if you’ve got a veggie/vegan in front of you it’s highly likely that the meat has never been their favourite part of a roastie. (Even as a non-veggie I preferred mine without). Load up a plate of roasted veggies, crispy roast potatoes and stuffing and wow. Bisto’s original gravy is vegan friendly too ! Just be sure to cook everything using veggie friendly methods (vegetable oil/sunflower oil) – seems like a given but my nan made me a roast when I first became vegetarian and was SO proud of herself. Halfway through the meal she proceeded to tell us all how she made the gravy using all of the juices from the cooked chicken. NOT IDEAL. Extras: If you fancy being adventurous you could try your dab hand at making a nut roast or they’re easy enough to find when shopping OR add vegan sausages/meat alternative


Soup is one of the easiest and most versatile meals to make! My favourite is probably this Thai Carrot Soup from the Minimalist Baker but the possibilities are endless. Chunky veg, leek + potato, tomato, anything really. Again, all you need is some vegetables and stock! OR, you might be lucky enough to have a shop bought vegan soup in the cupboard. Such as; Heinz – Vegetable, Classic Lentil. Asda – Vegetable, Lentil, Spicy Tomato. Batchelors (cup a soup) – Tomato + Vegetable, Minestrone. The list goes on.. Serve with a crunchy fresh loaf of bread.


I really hope this helps anyone struggling for ideas on what to cook for a vegan friend/family member and we always appreciate the effort!

Jess x




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