The little things

I remember walking back from a party once, I was with a group of friends and it had taken us hours to get even close to home. We had almost made it albeit in a state of delirium, probably the vodka. It was light and the sun was creeping up from behind the terraced houses that lay before us.

With that, an older gentleman scuffled past. A smile filling the space between his ears and his eyes closing gently. “Good Morning!” he announced in a broad voice, lifting his newspaper in a wave. At that moment, a surge of joy and comfort overwhelmed my 17 year old self and right then, that’s when I began to appreciate the little things.

In a world where everything and everyone moves at 200mph, I find it easy to get absorbed by the monotonous every day.

It’s the little things;
a warm smile,
a simple ‘saw this and thought of you’,
sand between toes,
sunrise, sunset,
contagious laughter,
frosted windows,
turning the page of a book
fresh sheets,
holding hands,
diving under waves,
forehead kisses,
the smell outside after it’s rained.

These are the things that bring me back to reality. To life and why it is so precious.

“enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back and realise that they were the big things” – I don’t know who said this but I am almost certain that they hold the key to happiness



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