Need Street Food

Need Street Food is a new and exciting eatery that serves from The Merchant House craft ale tavern in Southsea. In just a short couple of years they have gone from serving gourmet hot dogs at events, markets and festivals to residing at The Merchant House with an ever-growing menu.

I came across them as I was scouring the internet for a place that both my boyfriend and I could eat. Vegan & non veggie. Luckily, they aren’t too far from us and with a menu boasting that many tasty options it was an easy yes.

merchant housemerchant house 2Photo credit: The Merchant House facebook

The Merchant House itself is a nice, light and airy open space that gives off a homely, pub vibe. The staff are friendly and fellow customers were very content, having a laugh and enjoying the sunshine that was flooding through the windows.


The Food:
Now down to the good stuff.. The food. I indulged in the vegan house dog with smoked bockwurst, caramelised onions, topped with bread + butter pickles (amazing), ketchup and mustard. I opted for some sriracha and garlic truffle mayo too as I truly am the queen of condiments and we both got a side of rosemary fries. Brad went for a classic burger from the meat menu and judging by the “we’ll have to come here again” remarks, he was also falling in love (could have been at the screen in front playing the football). Who knows.. The rosemary fries were definitely a different experience and we couldn’t figure out whether we really liked them or really disliked them but I imagine that’s down to personal preference. The hotdog was out of this world. I adore a bit of vegan junk food here and there and this place just HITS THE SPOT. You can view their menu here.

The motto:
It wasn’t until visiting that I realised Need Street Food are much more than just your regular instagram worthy burger joint but they are also out to do so much good in the world. For every order you place they fund shipments of life-saving packets of food to children in need. Their motto being NEED STREET FOOD: FEEDING PORTSMOUTH AND FEEDING THE WORLD. You can find out more details about this here.

needPhoto credit: Need Street Food Facebook 

They also design and sell organic, ethically sourced and vegan friendly t-shirts on their website and seem to be set on making a positive impact which is so refreshing to see.

So there we have it, I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to The Merchant House and look forward to revisiting in the near future! We’ll try some drinks next time too.. I promise.


Jess x

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